Loramar Adorable Me



Abby is the bitch from our A-litter that we kept for ourselves. She already tried to catch our attention at a very early age. Perhaps she showed interest in us because she received a few extra feedings from Marloes in the first week after the litter was born. Anyway she charmed us from a very early age and it also helped that she got along great with our adult dogs. She is definitely the Benjamin and can usually get away with murder, both with Leyla as wel as with Pepijn.


Abby seems to get a lot of her character from her mother. She is happy and enthousiastic with an enormous energy when it comes to playing and running. She has a sweet expression and is very open towards people, which definitely makes her "Adorable"

Abby will be spending the months to come growing up and exploring the world. She has started in a puppy class, which she will be attending with Arjan. We hope she will fullfill her promise as a puppy and we will be able to take her to the showring in the future.






Hips: not tested

Eyes: not tested

Fucosidosis: free


Puppy pictures

4 weeks
6 weeks
8 weeks


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