There has not been that much news over the last month. Little dogs are getting bigger, not that many "accidents" inside the house any more and ofcourse the snow over the last few days was something the dogs absolutely loved. They were not the only ones though, as our daughter could not stop playing outside and was trying to confince everyone around her that christmas had returned .......


We have updated the pages of Loramar Adorable Me (our own Abby), Loramar As Good As It Gets (Ziva) and Loramar Already There (Abby)


We wish you a Healthy and Happy 2013!!


P.s. we added some content to the puppy pages


During our Christmas holiday we finally found some time to update the puppy page. The puppy names are now linked to their own personal pages. All that remains now is for us to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



Today Arwen was the last puppy to wave us goodbye .......

Arwen wave

Abby (Loramar Adorable Me) will be staying with us, but the rest of our litter has left for their new homes. We were fortunate enough to find a new address for Arwen, where we know she will enjoy herself a lot. We wish all the new owners the best of luck and lots of joy with their new roommates. We will try to give the puppy page a makeover pretty soon, so every puppy will get his or her own page.


This weekend our boys and girls will be moving to their new homes. Unfortunately, one family had to cancel their purchase of a puppy due to family circumstances. This means we still have one black-white bitch available.

Loramar Always On The Run (Arwen) is looking for a loving home. Feel free to contact us if you are interested.

Arwen head


It has been a while since our last update. We just couldn't find the time, mostly due to 6 puppies frequently going ballistic in our living room. Meanwhile they have been chipped and they are now proud owners of their very own pedigree names. There has also been a visit to the vet to get a general health check and the first series of vaccinations. We have updated both the official puppy photo page and the page we use for random pictures

Veerle outside.


This weekend we met the new owners of five of our A-litter puppies. They came over to get acquainted with us and ofcourse our dogs. It was a very busy weekend, but very nice to meet you all in person like this. We updated the official puppy photo page and added a second page we can use for random pictures from the litter.

Amber speeltje

Amber playing with a toy she got from Fleur and Merel



The puppies are getting more active. They ar eating porridge from a small platter and are often playing together. A sample of some random puppy pictures from last weekend. We also added new photos to the puppy photo page.

A litter 3 weeks


It is getting noisy in the welping box! Everybody has their eyes open and they are starting to discover each other. Sometimes there are attempts at playing, although that's not easy when you still fall over every few steps ...... We added some new head shots on the puppy photo page. Amber and Archie weren't very motivated during the photo shoot and would have preferred to be left alone.

Amy en ArwenAmy en Leyla



Today we added a puppy photo page to our website. You can find a link under Puppies or click here.



Our A-litter was born in the early morning of friday the 12th of october.

It was a rather difficult delivery but mother and her puppies are doing fine right now. The puppies are sleeping, drinking and most importantly growing like they are supposed to.



The last few weeks didn't turn out to be very eventful. Leyla is slowly becoming more and more inflated, but is still doing fine. She seems to be more cuddly than usual though and she tries to eat everything that looks even remotely edible :-)

The whelping box has already caught her interest and she started redecorating it today ..........

Leyla whelping box


We took Leyla for an ultrasound today and are pleased to inform you that she is definitely pregnant!! We look forward to the arrival of the puppies.



Today Leyla and Baros had to say their goodbyes. Leyla stayed with Helene and David Bjorkman from Kennel Barecho in Sweden for a little while, to make sure the matings could be timed as well as possible. They were kind enough to drop Leyla of in the Netherlands when they were passing through on their way from Sweden to the South of England. We are so happy to have our little lady back home!!

The first signs seem to suggest that she is indeed pregnant! We will get an ultrasound next week to see if there are puppies and how they are doing. Hopefully we will also get an indication of their number. Meanwhile we are back at keeping our fingers crossed ....

Leyla en BarosLeyla en Baros



Our trip to Sweden has turned out quite wonderful. Leyla and Baros got along well and the matings went as planned. Now we'll just have to keep our fingers crossed that there will be puppies. To be continued ......



Today our website went online!!!

After many hours of struggling on the computer we seem to have created a more or less presentable and readable website. Not everything has been put online yet but it's a start. We will strive to keep you as informed as possible with regard to our kennel.

The most important piece of news at the moment is that we are planning a litter and will be driving to Sweden for a hopefully succesful mating between Leyla and Baros. The details of our planned litter can be found on our "puppies" page.

Leyla pup

"leyla 12 weeks old "