Barecho Lots of Charm



When we started our search for a second ESS, we decided to look for a female we could have a litter with in the future. We had been looking at dogs from different kennels for some time and were really taken with the type of dogs that were being bred by Helene en David Bjorkman from Kennel Barecho in Sweden. When the litter in which Leyla was born got planned, we had already been in contact with them for some time. The pedigree from this litter contained several dogs we admired a lot. We were extremely pleased that there was a female puppy born in the litter and that we we able to pick her up in Sweden at the age of 8 weeks. Flying back home with a small ESS puppy in our lap was an experience to remember. We have never seen service that quick and friendly at an airport or on an airplane! We are very grateful to Helene en David for giving us with the opportunity to import our little princess to the Netherlands!


Leyla does her name credit and definitely shows "Lots of Charm". She is a very sweet and outgoing dog who loves to be active outside. Fetching is one of her favourites things to do, but nothing beats grabbing a toy and being chased around by someone trying to take it from her. Inside the house she is really cuddly and loves snuggling up to someone on the couch.

As a junior dog Leyla was shown on a regular basis and accumulated enough points to gain the title Junior Champion. Following her great idol Pepijn, she has been through several obedience classes and loves agility. Although for her the motivation to participate in agility seems solely to based on the treat she receives at the end of an exercise! As an adult Leyla has not been shown that much because of different circumstances such as the birth of our daughter Veerle.



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Health results

Hips: A-score

Eyes: tested clear in May 2012

Fucosidosis: clear



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