Born 12-10-2012



Night Wish Darrem Canis (Baros)

Hips: A-score

Eyes: tested clear (January 2012)

Title: Swedish Show Champion

Barecho Lots of Charm (Leyla)

Hips: A-score

Eyes: tested clear (May 2012)

Title: Dutch Junior Show Champion


Baros is a well proportioned, black and white male with a beautiful head. He has a very cheerful personality and is an active and social dog with excellent health results. In his homeland Sweden he has already been very successful in the showring and has gained the title Swedish Show Champion. We believe his type and personality will match nicely with our own Leyla. Together they combine some very successful breeding lines from Sweden, as well as Britain and Australia

The pedigree of our A-litter is listed below.


Enzo sit
Enzo stand

Loramar All In The Game (Enzo)

Male, Liver-White

Owner: Joosen family

Archie sit
Archie stand

Loramar Anything Can Happen (Archie)

Male, Black-White

Owner: Rietveld family, co-owner: Kennel Loramar

Amy sit
Amy stand

Loramar As Good As It Gets (Ziva)

Bitch, Liver-White

Owner: Zuijdweg family

Amber sit
Amber stand

Loramar Already There (Abby)

Bitch, Liver-White

Owner: Jasperse family

Arwen sit
Arwen stand

Loramar Always On The Run (Arwen)

Bitch, Black-White

Owner: De Smidt family

Abby sit
Abby stand

Loramar Adorable Me (Abby)

Bitch, Liver-White

Owner: Kennel Loramar

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Night Wish Darrem Canis Calvdale Point of Law Calvdale Blak to the Future Baldragon Back again
Calvdale Take no Prisoners
Calvdale Question of Fact Calvdale Crimewatch
Carskip somebody told me via Calvdale
Barecho Just my Style Whisborne Inferno Melverly Mystery Maker
Whisborne Poco Loco
Barecho One in a Million Barecho Ambitious Agent
Barecho First Class Flair
Barecho Lots of Charm High Score On-The-Move Wongan Kadenza Azucroft on the Prowl
Wongan Amazing Grace
High Score Imagine-Me Trollangens Cross Country
Rowntree New Wave at High Score
Rowntree Eyecatcher at Barecho Barecho Fun for the Future Wishborne Angus Og
Barecho Pretty Picture
Mompesson Sweet liberty Mompesson Just the Ticket
Mompesson Sweet and Smart